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Evictions can be a handful. However, with Las Vegas Eviction Services, we will take care of all the necessary steps from beginning to end, from obtaining the Writ of Possession and attempting to secure funds from the unwanted tenant and ensuring they are locked outside of the property.

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Professional Eviction Services

Since the passing of SB151 in Nevada, you are now required to use a licensed process server to post your 7-day pay or quit notices. We are licensed process servers and can handle all of your notice posting needs.

Licensed Process Servers

According to SB151, you must now use a licensed process server to post your 7-day pay or quit notices.



The process of eviction can be stressful. Let us handle every aspect for you with our variety of services.

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Investigative Services

We are licensed, private investigators and offer a wide range of services for law firms, landlords and more.

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Do you have an unwanted tenant or renter on your property? Do you feel as though you have nowhere to turn with your problem renter? Las Vegas Eviction Services can help you with any and all Evictions. All landlords in Las Vegas or the Southern Nevada area can find answers to their problem tenants. We are the most reliable and experienced eviction server in Las Vegas. We have a specialist in eviction cases that can be reached at any time our establishment is open for business to answer questions or hear your concerns.


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