***ATTENTION РAS OF JULY 1ST 2019 РSB151 IS IN EFFECT РService of Notice must be served by a Sheriff, Constable, Process Server or Agent of Attorney Рthis means Landlords, Property Managers, etc. may no longer handle their own notices. ***

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Eviction Notice Posting

Las Vegas Eviction Services can deal with all manner of Notice Postings in Las Vegas so that you don’t have to deal with any awkward or confrontational scenarios. We are trained and experienced experts that can easily answer questions. Our courteous staff is here during business hours to answer your questions, and we are only a phone call away! Call us now!

The 7 Day Pay Or Quit Process

After your 7 day notice has been posted to your tenant, they have seven judicial days to pay or move out of the property. The day the notice was posted and weekends/holidays do not count.

Once the notice has expired, we can assist you with filing the documents for eviction in the correct jurisdiction. The Judge generally takes three to five business days to approve or deny the eviction. If your tenant has contested the eviction (they do not agree) then a hearing date will be set to discuss the matter with the Judge in person. Someone will need to appear in Court at the assigned time or the Judge will deny the eviction. If you need assistance with this, we can provide someone to appear and represent you in Court.

When the Court approves the eviction we will send instructions to the Constable, who is the only person allowed to perform the actual eviction. The Constable first will post a 24 hour notice to the tenant, and the eviction and lockout will occur the following business day. Someone will have to attend this event, as well as change the locks in front of the Constable. This is according to the Constable’s schedule and is not a scheduled event. If you need assistance with this, we can provide this service.

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